2010. május 21., péntek

On 15Th of May it was organized an Iron Man MTB competition at Oradea. The competitors had to do 275km off-road in 22 hours. The highest peak has got 1198m. There were 33 teams, and finished only 18 the competition!
Two sportsman, our friends, Jakab Tibor and Astilean Eduard were decided to take part in the competition in the name of hemophilia. They wanted to help us, and say to the ordinary people that with a good treatment, the hemophilia patients can do everything, even sports. The best example is Alex Dowset who trains and competes with Lance Armstrong's Trek-Livestrong team and he suffers from severe hemophilia!

Jakab Tibor and Astilean Eduard helped me before too. They were my trainers, offered me technical support and accompanied me during the trip, when I decided to do the campaign for hemophilia and go to Turkey.
Tibi and Edy finished the competition on the 4th position.
Thank you guys for your generous support!
You can read the interview with them:
before http://www.covasnamedia.ro/beta/?p=8584
after http://www.covasnamedia.ro/beta/?p=8719
About the competition:
in Romanian http://www.mountainriders.ro/ironbikeoradea/ibo2010_ro.html
in Hungarian http://www.mountainriders.ro/ironbikeoradea/ibo2010_hu.html

2010. május 9., vasárnap


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Yesterday our local section organized the annual meeting. It was a good opportunity to see everybody again, not only separately. The staff (Trucky Mihály and Kiss László) presented the annual report. We had a good season. We can say that our local hemophilia association was very active and hopefully we can do it even better in the next "hemophilia year" (May 2010-May 2011, we keep the local annual meeting always in May).
Our special guest was Dr. Péter Margit from the Fogolyán Kristóf Covasna County Hospital. She is the chief of the children section. We had a good and open discussion with her.
Our association received new members too: They are Dima Tihamér and Jobb Levente.
Thank you to the local Red Cross and Mr. Pap Adolf for their help. Thank you to Serge and Lucy Vincent for their help.