2011. december 21., szerda

Christmas in the Hospital

 It becomes a tradition on Christmas to visit  the Fogolyán Kristóf Covasna County Hospital. 
We decorated the Christmas tree for the patients and doctors.
It's such a good feeling to give! 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2011. november 3., csütörtök

Family Day

On 22.10.2011 was organized the Family Day of our local association.
Here is the program:
1. Mr. Trucky Mihály -local president of RHA- was greeting the participants
2. Mr. Kiss László  -local secretary of RHA- presented the activity of our local and national association
3. Mr. Bedő József -Local Red Cross volunteer- presented first aid methods
4. Free discussion
5. Family picnic
It was a good opportunity to learn, to know better each other, to make new friendships, to play. It was good to feel that we are not alone. We think that this was a good chance to strenghten our association.
Thank you a lot  to BIOTEST pharmaceutical company and Red Cross - Sfantu Gheorghe for their support!

2011. július 14., csütörtök

Haemophilia Summer Camp at Balaton

 On 23.07.20011-06.08.2011, Zánka will be the home for the Hungarian haemophilia children and their guests from Romania.
Zánka is a youth center nearby the beautiful Balaton lake. Here the children will have many opportunities to play, learn and make friends.  
Here is the videoclip about the 2010 camp activity. This camp was also organized in Zánka. There were 4 Romanian children too! 

MHE Nyári Rehabilitációs Tábora 2010 Zánka from Péter nagy on Vimeo.

Run for Haemophilia

Astilean Eduard and Nagy Attila were running for us on the hardest Romanian marathon. The Marathon7500 was organized between 7th and 10th of July 2011. The course followed a marked trail in Bucegi Mountains with a positive vertical gain of approx. 7500 meters.The marathon time limit was 50 hours for the Elite section and 26 hours for Hobby section. The total trail length was approx. 90 km for Elite section and approx. 45 km for Hobby and Companies sections.
Our friends finished at the 9th place of 40 teams!
They said that they run not oly to compete. They did this marathon  for those who suffer and die because of haemophilia.
Here you can read the article, which appeared in our local newspaper:

2011. április 10., vasárnap

World Health Day – 7 April 2011

The World Health Day our local organization celebrated together with other health organizations in the Queen Elizabeth's Park, St. George City.
We were discussing  with the people who visited our stands and share to them brochures.
It was a good opportunity to be known by the ordinary people and share with them our problems.   
Sorry, no photos aviable! I have formatted accidentaly my camera.