2011. július 14., csütörtök

Run for Haemophilia

Astilean Eduard and Nagy Attila were running for us on the hardest Romanian marathon. The Marathon7500 was organized between 7th and 10th of July 2011. The course followed a marked trail in Bucegi Mountains with a positive vertical gain of approx. 7500 meters.The marathon time limit was 50 hours for the Elite section and 26 hours for Hobby section. The total trail length was approx. 90 km for Elite section and approx. 45 km for Hobby and Companies sections.
Our friends finished at the 9th place of 40 teams!
They said that they run not oly to compete. They did this marathon  for those who suffer and die because of haemophilia.
Here you can read the article, which appeared in our local newspaper:

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