2009. április 17., péntek


It is a very important event in our life. We celebrated it in Bucureşti together with people coming from all over Romania. This day it means a lot of happyness, because we are together, but also mourning because 7 people from our community dyed last year because of bleeding.
The perspectives are not good: the factor supply will go down from 0.5 I.U./capita to 0.3 I.U./capita! And we know how much was the 0.5 I.U./capita: almost nothing!
I think we have to change our strategy. That's why I was very happy that the Asociaţia Naţională a Hemofilicilor din România and the Asociaţia Română de Hemofilie, the two sister associations, were celebrating together.
I hope that there will be further collaborations too, because
The celebration was organized on 14.04.2009.

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Good luck with this, Laci! You're fighting a good fight. All the best,