2009. október 24., szombat

Fiziokinetotherapy, Practical Course of Rehabilitation at Buziaş

The course was organized on 05-06 of October, at the Clinical Medical Center CristianSerban of Evaluation and Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescent with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Hemophilia, Buzias.
From the Dutch side Prof. Dr. PJM Helders, W. Groen PhD and Dr. J. van der Net and from the Romanian side Prof. Dr. Margit Şerban were the doctors who kept this course. The participants were doctors, therapists and hemophilic patients.

The aim of the course was about:
  1. to assess the patient's perception of his functional ability by using self rated instruments
  2. to objectively quantify how the individual is able to perform
  3. to use performance based instruments that usually measure strenght, joint mobility, and other physical traits that are the main performance limiting factors
The course gives us the opportunity to see again our friends who suffer of hemophilia and the doctors, who take care of us.

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