2008. november 22., szombat

Covasna County Hemophilia Meeting

On 9th of November, our local association organized a meeting for it's members.
We were very happy to meet each other again because we didn't have the opportunity to talk since 17th of Mai, when we started the campaign.
At the beginning of our meeting I presented the campaign and it's results.
Then we were discussing about our future projects. We would like to do a twinning with the Hungarian Haemophilia Society. We are thinking to be a bridge between the two national associations: the Romanian and the Hungarian.
We have other projects too, but I shall write about that later.
Then we had a discussion about the factor supply. We have problems, but we shall see more clear when we participate in December at our National Conference.
We were very happy to have guests between us. They went from Brasov County. They want to organize their local association. They were here to learn from our experience.

So, things are going forward!

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