2008. december 1., hétfő

National Meeting in Buzias

On 29th of November was organized the meeting of our Romanian Hemophilia Association. Our host was the Clinical Medical Center Cristian Serban of Evaluation and Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescent with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Hemophilia.

It was a national meeting, so people come from every corner of the country.
In the beginning Mr. Andrei Daniel our vice-president presents all the activities of the national association. It was a very rich day. There were many campaigns, conferences and found rising activities.
Then Mrs. Prof. Dr. Margit Serban tells us about her impressions toward our association. She retired from the presidency a year ago.
She said that we are on a right path, but she warns about the possible dangers too.
Then there was a free discussion about our problems and future projects.
I am very happy that everybody approved the twinning project with the Hungarian Hemophilia Society. I know that we shall have a lot of work but I think that this will be a new possibility to fight for those who suffer of hemophilia.
At the end I presented the Help for Hemophilia campaign and its results.
Before we went home, everybody agreed that 2008 it was one of our best years of activity.
Photos from the meeting and fom my travel: http://picasaweb.google.hu/kkisslaci/Buziasnov29?authkey=RbaTgr-lmJI#

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