2010. március 10., szerda


On 6th of March the Hungarian Hemophilia Society and the Romanian Hemophilia Association were beginning a new chapter in their relationship. They met together at a symposium in Budapest at St. Laszlo Hospital.

Here is the program:

10.00-10.15 Dr. Gábor Varga - Importance of representation of haemophilia patients’ interests

President of the Hungarian Haemophilia Society, Member of the Steering Committee of the

European Haemophilia Consortium, haemophilia patient

10.15-10.40 Andrei Daniel - Haemophilia snapshot in Romania and possible way of development

President of the Romanian Haemophilia Association, haemophilia patient

10.40-11.05 Prof. Dr. Klára Vezendi - Haemophilia care in Hungary: past and present

Haematologist, Head of Transfusiology Department of Medical University in Szeged, Member of

the Haematology and Transfusiology Board in Hungary

11.05-11.30 Prof. Dr. Margit Serban - Registration of haemopilia patients in Romania

Haematologist, Honoured President of the Romanian Haemophilia Association, Head of the III.

Paediatric University Clinic in Timişoara, Director of Bone Marrow Transplant Center Timisoara;

Member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists

11.30-11.55 Dr. Rita Jáger - Role of blood bank service network in Hungarian haemophliia care

head haematologist, Director of the Blood Bank Service in Szombathely, head of the haemophilia

care in the Western region of Hungary

11.55-12.15 Caffee break

12.15-12.40 Prof. Dr. Maria-Despina Baghiu - Paediatric hemophilia care in Transylvania: needs and reality

haematologist, Director of the I. Paediatrics Clinic in Târgu Mureş

12.40-13.05 Dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy - Haemophilia registry in Hungary

head haematologist in State Health Center, Budapest, Member of Supervisory Board of Hungarian

Haemophilia Society

13.05-13.30 Dr. Valentina Uscatescu – The institutional structure of haemophilia care in Romania

head haematologist, Institutul Clinic Fundeni, Bucharest, member of the board of the Romanian

Haemophilia Association

13.30-13.45 Dr. habil. Imre Bodó - Severe type 3 von Willebrand disease in Carpathian Basin

head haematologist in Szent László Hospital, Budapest, Medical Vice-President of the Hungarian

Haemophilia Society

13.45-14.00 Discussion

It was a very fruitful meeting. We hope that this will be the first step for our twinning. We hope that the WFH will support us in our future actions.

Thank you for the sponsors: Octapharma, Biotest and Nemzeti Civil Alapprogram.

Our local association was represented by : Mr. Trucki Mihály, Mr. Trucki Levente and Mr. Kiss László

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