2010. április 18., vasárnap

World Hemophilia Day in Romania

On April the 10Th our national association celebrated the World Hemophilia Day in Timisoara.
It was a really good time to celebrate. Prof. Margit Serban announced during the ceremony, that we won an important battle, our National Health Ministry raised up our factor supply almost 65%!
We had special guests:
Catherine Hudon, the Regional Program Manager of the World Federation of Hemophilia;
Varga Gábor, the President of the Hungarian Haemophilia Society;
and Nicolae Oniga the President of the other Romanian hemophilia association, the Romanian National Hemophilia Association.
Ducu Bertzi, the famous folk singer was singing for us.
This day was important for us not only for celebration, but for the twinning assesment visit done by Catherine Hudon and Varga Gábor.
We hope that the application of the Hungarian Haemophilia Society and the Romanian Haemophilia Association will be approved by the WFH. We think that this year will be a real turning point for our future.

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