2008. május 1., csütörtök

International Symposium in Sfantu Gheorghe

On 29Th of March our Covasna County Association organized in collaboration with the Romanian Hemophilia Association and Hungarian Hemophilia Society an international symposium called The Medical Care of the Hemophilia Patients in Hungary and Romania.In the opening Dr. Valentina Uscatescu (Fundeni Hospital) presented The Advantages of the Recombinant Factor Therapythen Daniel Andrei vice-president from the Romanian H. Association and Molnar Zoltan president of the Hungarian H. Society presented their national organizations.After that Dr Vaga Gabor vice-president of the HHS was talking about the Factor Supply in Hungary.Then Istvan Kovacs HHS youth leader presented The Formation of the Hemophiliac Youth Community in Hungary.Marcu George secretary RHA replied him with the presentation of the Clinical Center for Evaluation and Rehabilitation ''Cristian Serban''We finished our symposium with my presentation of the bike campaign: Help for Hemophilia.At the end everybody agreed that we learned a lot from each other and we shall cooperate and do projects together.
The symposium was sponsored by NovoNordisk.You can see photos on http://picasaweb.google.hu/kkisslaci/Szimpozion?authkey=YZY96yZrjbU

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