2008. május 19., hétfő

Sfantu Gheorghe-Brasov

Finally I started my trip! At our local Red Cross we organized our press conference. There were from the local and national newspapers and from the Duna TV. Then I said goodbye to my family and my friends. Then off we goo! Many bikers from Sf Gheorghe accompanied me on the first part of the trip. Then they left me at the border of Covasna County.
I arrived without any problem to Brasov. I made my accomodation at my relatives. After that I had 2 interviews with TVR1 and with a local TV station, then I met with the local hemophilia patients at the Military Hospital. It was a very emotional moment. Then we talked about their specific local problems.......and they have a lot! On this photo you can see some hemophilia patients from Brasov.
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