2008. május 1., csütörtök

Starting the Project

January 27th 2008

Making this project is harder than I ever imagined to be. But I'm glad that I begin and hopefully God will help me to finish it.At first step I entered in contact with the Romanian Hemophilia Association and the Romanian Red Cross, then with the Bulgarian, Turkish, Hungarian Hemophilia Associations, after that with the World Federation of Hemophilia too. They approved my action.I shall go not only in the name of my Covasna County Section, but in the name of the Romanian Hemophilia Association! Their moral support and the others' means a lot for me.Now we are at the second step, which is fund raising and beginning the campaign in the media.We started with a press conference:http://www.libertatea.ro/index.php?section=articole&screen=stire&sid=195180 http://www.evz.ro/article.php?artid=337378 http://www.covasnamedia.ro/stiri/news.php?extend.3317 http://www.szekelyhirmondo.ro/article.php/Kisfiáért_kerekezik_Isztambulig/6808/http://pluszportal.ro/web/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1925&Itemid=2http://www.3szek.ro/modules.php?name=3szek&id=6519Our local TV was there too, and Radio Targu Mures, a regional radio, mentioned the project in the news too. I think that we started a good campaign in the media.We are at the beginning of the fund rising.We have to move fast!

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